A small “c” change.

Tomorrow marks a start of a big change.  My wife has been granted what’s known as “recreational care” sessions ( care – small “c” change – get it?? Oh never mind… ).  These are intended to give me respite from caring for a few hours at a time, letting someone else take charge for that short time.  Two afternoons, twice a week.  For now.  It’ll also give us small breaks from each other.  I mean, with the best will in the world, being together 24 hours a day is pretty soul destroying for us both.  Not to mention very dangerous for our marriage.  As I’ve written before, it feels like being married to the disease and not the person – such is its domination over our lives.

This means I can get some rest or more sleep.  I can paint or listen to music or read a book.  I can have a relaxing bath or get some exercise.  But, knowing me, I’ll most likely do the usual, banal stuff and endlessly tweet about it!!!  Anyhow, I’m free two afternoons a week for coffee, tea, small excursions, etc.  Any ideas???

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