Stuff you don’t know about me. (Well, most of you.)

A few hitherto ( mostly ) unknown facts about me:

1. I grew up in a small town in South Cumbria.  Some people class the town they grew up in as home.  I don’t.  I have no desire to return there to live.

2. I have no siblings. ( awwwwwww!! )

3. I have no children.

4. My first girlfriend fell pregnant with my child (unexpectedly) and decided to terminate the pregnancy.  I wasn’t consulted.  This still hurts me.

5. I want to get a degree. For no other reason than to prove to myself that I have the capacity to do it.

6. I love Italy – the country, the people, the culture, everything.  I’d be quite happy living there.

7. I have taught myself to speak Italian.  It’s taken me two years to get as proficient as I am.

8. I used to play rugby league.  I wasn’t any good but I really liked being part of a team and the camaraderie.

9. I have never smoked.  I have never taken drugs.  And I no longer drink alcohol.

10. An ex-girlfriend’s friends spent an entire weekend trying to get me to try drugs, and didn’t like my refusals.  Their persistence became very dull, very quickly.  It was a very short-lived relationship.

11. I got *so* drunk on my 30th birthday night out that all I remember is waking up about 6am on a grass verge under a flyover on the A19.  I have no idea how I got there and I was lucky to escape just with concussion.

12. I can’t swim and I never learned to ride a bike. ( awwwwwwww!!! again ^_^ )

13. I enjoy painting in acrylic and would love to earn a living from artistic endeavours.

14. My childhood memories are peppered with parental arguments and domestic violence.  My parents divorced when I was 15.

15. My relationship with my Dad only improved after he was diagnosed with cancer.  He died 7 years ago and now I miss him.

16. I talk to my Mum every day.

17. I broke my wrist at school when I was 8.  The teachers didn’t believe it was broken so had to stay in school for the afternoon with my wrist out of place and in pain.

18. I’ve never been arrested. ( I am *so* dull! )

19. I like walking round the house bare-footed.

20. I really like clothes and I like to make an effort in my appearance.

21. I am married ( read the blog. Keep up! ) but our circumstances mean that in many ways I still feel very lonely.

22. I lost my virginity at 16 and since then I have slept with 11 women.  I am neither proud nor ashamed of that figure.

23. I love to travel.  To me travelling is a much a part of a holiday as arriving at the destination.

24. I like coffee.  Especially macchiato.  ( Apart from the one that Starbucks likes to refer to as caramel macchiato.  This is *not* a macchiato! )

25. I had to take an ex to court to resolve a property dispute.  She didn’t think I had the courage or tenacity to see it through.  It took me two years but I proved her wrong. And won.

26. I was one of the unpopular kids at school.  Y’know, the one you don’t invite to parties and stuff – the one that girls avoid?  I still wonder if I’m that unpopular kid.

27. As a kid, my favourite footballer was Steve Coppell and I’m a Man Utd fan.  I filled my Football ‘80 sticker album and the last one I needed was a Stoke City badge.

28. I was accident prone as a kid and still have a small, permanent bump on my forehead as a result.

29. I have had conversations with a few well-known people on Twitter but I won’t RT them.  ( A gentleman never tells! )

30. I am lucky to speak to so many fantastic people on Twitter.

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