A small update.

It feels like ages since my last post.  Sorry about the dust in the corners….

I’ve no long diatribe for you.  I’ve just been busy.  My wife is due to get a supra-pubic catheter.  This is because her bladder is contracting when it shouldn’t, and not contracting when it should.  The consultant has said that as this could lead to kidney problems, the best course of action is to address it with an “always-open” catheter.  A permanent one.  So, the wait begins for an operation date – probably sometime in the next two months.  I accept that this will help alleviate a risk ( it won’t  necessarily make things easier ) but I can’t help having the nagging feeling that it’s more evidence that this disease is having an increasingly dehumanising effect.

A couple of years ago, I’d have been angrier at this than I am.  Now, whilst worried about the risks of the operation, I’m merely resigned to this latest development.  Maybe it’s the medication that’s helping me keep my anger under wraps.  Maybe, it’s a sign of how I now view things.  Either way, my over-riding feeling is one of sadness.

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