End of an era…

Finding a carer that’s good to work with is difficult.  Not that there aren’t good careworkers out there – there are loads of them.  But it comes down to personality in the end.  Sadly, Maureen, the carer that’s worked with MW and me has decided to move on to pastures new.  I’m not going to say that it’s all been smiles and good times with Maureen.  Like all relationships, both personal and professional, there have been some arguments and spats, but we’ve worked through them.

I’ve already written about Maureen and how she’s helped us every morning.  She’ll probably not see this but I hope she’s happy in whatever she moves on to.  We’ll still see her occasionally – we may have lost a good carer but we’ve gained a friend, which is far more important!!

On a similar subject, a friend of mine on Twitter is delivering a eulogy at the funeral of a woman she cared for until her recent passing.  To have been given this honour speaks of the close relationship she had with the person she cared for.  I suspect it will be difficult but I hope there are more smiles than tears.

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