So, we’ve just been to see MW’s parents.  In particular, her Dad.  He’s been fighting leukaemia for the past couple of years and can’t get up to see her.  MW’s Mum looks after him as I do their daughter.  They’ve not seen each other for over 18 months.  I hope this is not the last time they see each other.  We don’t know whether MW’s Dad will take a sudden turn for the worse – as has happened before.  I do know that MW’s MS will deteriorate further.  She coped as best she could while we were away, with only me and my Mum to care for her, with no equipment, but there’s a limit to what she can endure.  It’s not easy for her to put up with 9/10 hour drives and not having the correct kit to keep her safe.

It was tough for her to endure and hard work to make happen.

But worth it.


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