I’ve realised that I have to be careful about how often I vent on social media and how much information I include when I do.  I’m not talking about personal information, I’m naturally guarded about that.  I mean, how gory and specific do I get when I vent?  E.g. I have to fight the urge not to reply to a tweet or a post about snoring.  See, I can happily go to sleep with MW snoring.  It means I know she’s breathing.

MW has a moisture lesion that’s eaten through the skin in the crook of her elbow.  You can see the ligaments through the hole.  I could write about this on social media but who wants to know?  Who wants to read about that, right?  I’m comfortable about putting it here, that’s what I started this blog for – a place to let it out.

I guess my life – our lives – isn’t what you’d describe as normal.  Because I don’t know anything else, I forget that, sometimes.

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