From zimmer, to glimmer, to…?

“Will I ever walk again?”

“I don’t know.”, I said, with an expression somewhere between pain and pity.

Now, we both know the answer to this question.  No.  MW won’t walk again.

Three things tell me that.

1.  MW hasn’t been able to walk for the best part of two years.

2.  MW cannot stand, cannot bear weight on her feet.  One of the basic things we take for granted as people.

3.  MW has had no feeling in her feet for months, and has trouble moving them independently.

And yet I was compelled to say “I don’t know”.  To offer a tiny glimmer of hope despite the glaringly obvious staring at us both.  I couldn’t say it.  I couldn’t say, “no”, and take that tiny glimmer away for good.

What would you have said?

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