Sorry. And thank you.

Sorry for not writing anything recently. It’s not that nothing’s happened or that there’s been a miraculous upturn in fortune. I’ve just been busy doing the usual and trying to have some semblance of a social life via Twitter, so the blog’s been put on the back-burner.

However, I’ve received a couple of messages recently from people who tell me that they’ve been moved to tears after reading my posts. This has made me feel a little guilty. I’ve never set out to upset anyone with this blog. But I’m not naïve. I realise that a lot of the information I’ve put on here is very sensitive to me and could possibly provoke strong feelings in others. I get the same strong feelings when I re-read the posts and they’re also partly the reason why there haven’t been any posts for a wee while. Writing about my experiences can be a little upsetting. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone else. Can we hug?

I’d also to say thank you to anyone and everyone who reads this. It’s very humbling to think that people take the time and trouble to read my posts. I can’t promise that I’ll blog frequently but I aim to continue the posts from time to time.

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