Overcoming weakness

What was I saying about thresholds?  I’ve just spoon-fed MW her entire evening meal tonight.  For a 46 year-old adult who would ordinarily be in the prime of her life, that has got to be one of the most ignominious things to have to happen to you.  In addition to the tremor that already exists in MW’s arms, she is now losing strength and movement in them.  Tonight she couldn’t hold a teaspoon so she allowed me to feed her.  I’ve done this before but only for one or two forkfuls/spoonfuls where necessary.  This was the first time I’ve done it for the whole meal.  She’s being stoic about it but I can see in her eyes that it’s upsetting.

In addition, MW told her mother about the loss of function in her arms.  Cue tears and self-blame from her mother for not living nearer – her parents live some distance away.  Upset all round.

There have been better days.

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