Feeding: a habit

No screed of a post this time, just me emptying my head into the void.

MW and I would usually join our old branch of the MS Society for their Christmas dinner.  Not this year.  As MW now needs to be fed more often, we’ve decided not to go.  We both know that there will be other MS sufferers there who have to be fed but we’ll still not go.  It’s one thing to have to have to be spoon-fed at home, it’s another to do it in front of 100-120 other people.  It’s about dignity, I guess.

MW also has another pressure sore.  What you may not know is that not only is a pressure sore very difficult to heal (a previous one took 5-6 months to fully heal) but skin breaks exacerbate other MS symptoms.  We suspect it came from a blister caused by the hoist sling.

It’s odd how such small, innocuous things cause major problems.

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