Not just skin deep.

An update as to how things are going in lieu of a post on a particular subject.

So, we’re about two months into dealing with MW’s pressure sore.  It’s pretty big – about the area of a matchbox at its widest and getting on for about an inch at its deepest.  There was about 4-5 weeks of the most awful smell as the tissue inside the wound area was dying or dead.  Luckily, that tissue is coming away and the healthy tissue is coming through – thanks to daily nurse visits to pack and dress the wound.

MW has been referred to a dietician by the nurses, who are concerned by her diet.  This is nothing new.  MW’s been to various dieticians since diagnosis because her appetite is so small.  I’m looking forward to her being weighed again, just for my own peace of mind.  I’m having to feed her pretty much every meal where cutlery is used now.  I’ll give her the food and spoon (it’s always a spoon) to start with.  Then I’ll hear the tell-tale sound of the spoon knocking repeatedly against the dish which tells me that her tremor is preventing her from eating.  So, I’ll take over.

I know it upsets her.  Even to the point where she’ll try and tell me she’s full so she retains a little dignity.  I don’t take any notice.  I know when she’s had enough and when she’s still hungry.

I can get away with telling her that she needs the sustenance to ensure more healthy tissue grows.

In the moments in between, I’m keeping myself busy studying language and translation.  Trying to keep my mind stimulated.

Anyhow, that’s the long and short of it for now.  Or, in terms of the sore, the wide and deep of it.

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